Our stables meet all the conditions for dressage and jump training.
After training, your animal can enjoy a solarium. This will regenerate its muscles and prepare the animal for extra performance.

Horse stabling Premises

Dressage training

Thanks to classic dressage, you can achieve maximum harmony, "blending" between the horse and its rider. Through quiet work, the horse is guided towards dexterity, obedience and full development of its performance possibilities.

During dressage, your horse will learn all the basic dressage techniques - balancing, swing, relaxation and rhythm.

The perfect conformation needs to be combined with the perfection of the horse's movement mechanics. In other equestrian events, the aesthetic criteria of the performance are subsidiary. In dressage, however, they are significant.

Jump training

In show jumping, the horse rider aims to either finish the track in the shortest time possible while making as little faults as possible, or to finish within the time limit or the style rating limit. Show jumping closely relates to dressage, the horse needs to be well trained and to trust its rider.

Do you need to prepare your horse for races? We will be happy to lend you obstacles and all the other equipment for jump training.

Both types of training take place on the best surface (Jump Gold), which can be found on the Czech market.

You can practice with your own trainer, or you can ask for a certified trainer from our stables. The training fee is according to individual agreement.

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