Horse stabling

Horse stabling

Entrust your horse to an experienced team of staff in our stables. You can choose how they should take care of your horse through a simple mobile phone application - from feeding to individual training.

Premises Trainings

The premises of the stables include an original building from 1308, which is undergoing a complete reconstruction. Thanks to this, it meets requirements even for the most demanding clients.

At present, our stables have 60 internal spacious boxes of approx 3x3,5 m; and 20 more boxes will be  built in the future. Each box is treated with nano-technology, which is antibacterial and prevents dirtying of the box.

Each box has its own drain gutter and rubber floor. We disinfect individual boxes every time the horse is wormed. This is done twice a year.

Only you and our staff can acess your horse, as stables are not publicly accessible.

An essential part of our stables is...

  • the saddlehouse - in the saddlehouse, you can find above-standard equipment such as saddle holders and bridles from the English company Andrew Nebbett Desing. The saddlehouse is ventilated and heated.
  • a regular regime for your horse, which includes taking the horse to/from an enclosure or carousel, putting leggings on the horse and blanketing the horse
  • feeding - we prepare hay 3 times a day for your horse, and feeding of your choice, which we serve to the animal according to its needs and agreement with the owner, a constant supply of water
  • placement - takes place three times a day
  • solarium for horses - significantly supports vitamin D formation and increases production of red blood cells. It relaxes and warms the muscles.
  • bedding from dust-free shavings - has a high absorbency and is gentle on the horse's breathing system.
  • assistance during the visits of the vet

You can conveniently select services in an online mobile app.

All of the above mentioned services and equipment of the stables are fully included in the price, at no additional cost.
The price excludes only a special diet, a vet, a trainer and a blacksmith.

Do you want to stable a horse
or need advice on something?

Please, arrange a meeting by calling
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or via the contact form. We will do our best to help you with stabling, but our stable capacity is limited. Thank you for your understanding.

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